You know the walk into the notoriously strict teacher's classroom and see ALL the children's heads down scribbling away. You think, well this is too good to be true, there must be a few children who were too scared to ask for clarification on the task while the teacher was swinging a childs pigtails around the room for missing a capital letter. But as fate wills, they all can give you perfectly formed answers rooted in their own progression through their learning. You sit down with your clipboard and all you can think about is the opening of the Holy Grail scene from Indiana Jones - your mind quickly races to the educational enlightenment equivalent of Neo in the Maxtrix. Have I just witnessed something? Why are there no angels singing and why does gravity still work? 

I've had my fair share of deafening styles from different schools: my first placement, my second, head of year for my NQT year. So the question presents itself - if this teacher has such a revered reputation within the school, consistently getting the best results and recieving the most beautifully written speeches from year 6 leavers (some of which would make Churchill himself give up his spot for this new 'national hero') why did we ever move away from defeaning and wholeheartedly embrace nurturing?

Do you need a certain personalitiy to be able to pull off such a style? Is it only the teachers who sleep in the chokey, have the facial intimidation features of Mad-eye Moody, the pure evil of heart of Baron Samedi and spend their weekends making friends in Brixton Prison who can pull it off?
Does it require a voice capable of making Sergeant-Majors wish they'd never been born?

Much of the education world will say thats not the example we want to set, we want to show them a different way, a new way - one rooted in confidence and nurture. The rest will say we've lost high expectations, motivation and discipline. We know where the public, I mean the Daily Mail stands, but is it completely fair to judge this approach as of a different era when we knew not how to teach?

I don't know if we have a choice. Has Gove started what an envitable Conservative majority would continue? Are we to prepare ourselves for the resurgence of deafening teaching?


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25/10/2016 16:55

Best education need best teacher, if the teacher is best then kids can get best education. Education is important for everyone.


I know - we have choice! Always! In all situations! Our life is our choice only!

04/02/2017 09:16

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07/04/2017 09:16

He have choice. Always. I strongly believe that!


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20/07/2017 13:36

Education is the basic and important need of all persons either he is an adult person or a growing child. We have to make communication with respected peoples and respect for teachers.


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