As thousands of teachers sing the educational equivalent of Auld Lang Syne and fall into taxis after the local pub's best day of business, the morning inevitably triggers thoughts of new beginnings. 

You think back to the night before....

To try and stay awake as someone is talking at you about how Michael Gove's departure has meant they can finally get off the sleeping pills and enjoy your holiday, you decide to scan around the pub but unfortunately you're only met with cliches, such phrases as: 'Of all the years I've been teaching, I deserve these 6 weeks the most.' or 'Teaching's just not what it used to be.' or one of my particular favourites 'Now the children are gone, I can finally enjoy myself.' 

You come off feeling that the world is against teaching, the profession has nothing going for it and you sign up to the nearest NUT summer camp you can find. On the way to martyring yourself you step outside and see people only just coming back from work, you realise the only reason you've drunk enough to stir thoughts of mass anarchy is because the job has allowed you to leave at 3.30. You subsequently let the fresh air sweep away thoughts of marrying Christine Blower and reflect on why the teaching profession has a habit of getting so toxic. 

You've hardly had enough time to reflect and remember that you're actually at the pub at the end of term and should be enjoying yourself before you're joined by a colleague. You're relieved when the only thing they start complaining about it the fact that they 'Just can't stand people talking about school on a night out'. They then proceed to unwaveringly talk about school. 

After several rounds of Jager-Bombs from your borderline geriatric collagues shouting to 'Drown the sorrows of the year' you stagger back home. You fall asleep and wake up thinking...

I'm sure next year will be different.


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To attempt and remain alert as somebody is speaking at you about how Michael Gove's flight has implied they can at last get off the resting pills and make the most of your vacation, you choose to filter around the bar however tragically you're just met with prosaisms, such expressions as: 'Of the considerable number of years I've been educating,


You've barely had enough time to reflect and recall that you're really at the bar toward the finish of term and ought to have a ball before you're joined by a partner. You're alleviated when the main thing they begin grumbling about it the way that they 'can't stand individuals discussing school on a night out'. They then continue to unflinchingly discuss school.

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